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Azize Ergun

Applied Computer Science

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I may be too short for your radar to catch me but my passion and determination makes up for my height.
Hi, I'm Azize Ergün. I was born on November 3, 1999. I'm in my third year studying applied computer science at the University College of Ghent.
I'm someone who loves and is up for any challenge. I'm a hard worker and when I want something,
I definitely take the leap.

Latest Projects



For the course Projects III, We were tasked with creating an application that would facilitate conversation between youth and their counselor.
The application we created should be a tool for the youth in their everyday life.
We provided a website and an application.
The website is used by the counselors to register youth, view groups, request documentation from the youth. And there is also a possibility to see if a young person wants to start a conversation with his supervisor.

We had to work with .NET Core for the backend, Angular for the frontend and with Kotlin for the Android app


Self Help

For the Mobile Applications II: IOS course, we were tasked with creating an app that would show that we had achieved competence in the new language (Swift). We were given complete freedom for this. I used Firebase to create an app with a database that kept track of quotes and pictures. There was also provided an option to vent without the app keeping track of it


IT Lab

For the course Projects II, we were asked by HOGENT to create an application for the IT-lab.
We had to work with .NET Core for the backend and with Java for the frontend

Study sheet



For the course Projects I, we were commissioned to create a desktop application of the game "munchkin".
First we had to make a console application that showed all functionalities and then we had to build a graphical user interface.

Study sheet



For the subject DatabasesII, an exchange project was organized between HOGENT and SAXION (the Netherlands). We had to make a project in which things like ERD, PowerBI, SQL and DASHBOARDING were discussed.